These two charming Kansans have the best harmonies, humor and hubris on the market. And now, French street cred with their new name, overheard on the streets of Paris when they stepped out in traffic on their way to the loo. "Hey, derrieres, look out!" people yelled out in praise of their charm and good looks. How they ended up in a toilet instead of the Louvre is a whole 'nother story. Love these guys.

I had the Derrieres back me up (prop me up?) for a song once. They gave me such confidence that I ended up picking a fight with 2 professional wrestlers later that night and also bought a lottery ticket (ugh, not a winner). Recommended.

With their decades of back door experience, The Derriers are ready to shake it with you. - A satisfied customer.

These ''Old Cats'' can really play.

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